Easy trick to reduce spam in WordPress

 Jan 4th, 2015 

Last year I neglected this blog and after a while I discovered that it wasn’t working well anymore. Requests would time out, the admin panel was loading slow and the experience sucked even with caching enabled. After doing some investigation, I found out that comment spam was the culprit. There were thousands of spam comments […]

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New clothes

 May 17th, 2010 

As you may have noticed, the blog got new clothes (a new theme). This new theme is completely written by myself (yeah, I wrote PHP :-) ) but I used some other sites and themes as sources of inspiration. First of all, I tried to create a theme that will present just the actions that […]

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Ads on blog

 Oct 21st, 2009 

Dear visitor, This blog is non profit and will remain so. The reason why you may see some Google Ads (if you didn’t block them) is that I want to cover the hosting expenses (~$100/year). So from now on the following fair policy applies: revenue of up to $100/year goes for hosting revenue >$100/year goes […]

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Happy One Year!

 May 30th, 2009 

Dear Visitor, Today this blog makes one year since it is hosted on LunarPages’ servers. My target was to post this message as the post with number one hundred but I preferred to be 96 instead of writing four more dummy and maybe stupid posts. I hope that at least a part of the posts […]

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More blog news – May 2009

 May 6th, 2009 

Last week was exhausting. I spent four days at home working on the Communication Session (and Bachelor) project. The bright side is that I’m almost done with it and I have 2 months to write the paper thesis which should be more than enough. The bad part is that I only got the 3rd place […]

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Blog width

 Feb 21st, 2009 

After analyzing the statistics from Google Analytics I have decided to increase the blog’s width. The width increased with 150 pixels (from 850 pixels to 1000 pixels) because less than 1% of the visitors have a resolution with a width smaller than 1024 pixels.

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Happy birthday

 Nov 30th, 2008 

Dear visitor, I am happy to announce that my blog made 6 months. Here are some numbers about what happened in the last half-year: 16948 page views 5423 absolute unique visitors 3656 page views for SkypeGadget 2409 page views for Install custom firmware on Asus WL500G Premium 1795 blocked spam comments 130 tags 117 comments […]

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WordPress 2.6

 Jul 25th, 2008 

A few days ago a new version of WordPress, the popular blog publishing system and the one that is behind this blog, was released. The new 2.6 version brings some exciting new features: Word count Image captions, so you can add sweet captions like Political Ticker does under your images. Bulk management of plugins. A […]

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