They finally merge

 Jun 26th, 2010 

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Online software is nice because it allows you to have your documents (of any form) available anywhere is Internet access. However, you end up being forced to use a lot of services and, the worst part, they never interact.

For example: I was using Microsoft Live Mesh in order to synchronize and backup my files with the cloud. But MS also offered the Office Workspaces where you could store documents. So, I was using 2 services but it was impossible to edit/view a document from Mesh in the SharePoint workspace.

Another example is SkyDrive, with the new feature for editing documents (Office Live Apps). A nice addition, but my documents were in Mesh, not in SkyDrive. So, again, I had everything except the interaction between applications.

I am really excited to say it: they finally (started to) merge all the services! Seems that SkyDrive will the place where everything goes merged:

  • SkyDrive offers 25 GB for storage
  • Live Mesh will be replaced by Live Sync, which will upload the files on SkyDrive (just 2 out of 25 GB storage limit – strange)
  • Office 2010 supports loading and saving from and to SkyDrive
  • Office Live Apps are on SkyDrive and documents uploaded through Sync can be edited there Seems that synced files cannot be edited :(
  • Live Workspace will be replaced (integrated?) by Office Live Apps

With the Outlook connector I can keep my calendar, contacts and e-mail synchronized with the same cloud. Hopefully a feature for synchronizing tasks will be added soon. Also, mobile synchronization is a must – for my WM phone.

Is really nice that MS is doing a homogeneous environment where everything can be accessed from everywhere. However, the integration is not complete and it would be nice if they could integrate everything from My Phone to Messenger and social networks. Just imagine a single place from where you can do everything without being forced to use many services… [I’m dreaming, right?]

Tip #3: Shared OneNote notebooks with Live Mesh

 Aug 4th, 2009 

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OneNote allows users to create shared notebooks by using a shared folder or a SharePoint repository. When two persons who want to share a notebook are in different countries then a shared folder is not a too feasible solution. A SharePoint repository can be created for free on Office Small Business but you have only 50 MB for storage and you need at least basic SharePoint knowledge.

As you might already know, Live Mesh allows one to sync files across multiple computers. A big advantage is the Live Desktop –  a 5000 MB online storage location that can be used for storage. When computers involved in the sync are not simultaneously online, the files are synced with the Live Desktop and, when the computers are back online, the files will be synced.

The sharing with Live Mesh works like this: add notebooks’ files on Mesh and they can sync across computers. When a notebook is updated, if you are online the change will be sent/received to/from the Live Desktop.

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Live Mesh – Synchronizing Life

 Feb 21st, 2009 

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Great commercial:

Microsoft Live Mesh (Tech Preview) Review

 Oct 3rd, 2008 

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If you have multiple computer (work, home etc) you know that file synchronization between them is not the easiest task. If you have a Mac, a PC and a Windows Mobile device then the things can get even worse.

Live Mesh puts you at the center of your digital world, seamlessly connecting you to the people, devices, programs, and information you care about – available wherever you happen to be.

Live Mesh is a free service. You get a live desktop with 5 GB storage space where you can place your files. Also you can sync files between devices without uploading the on the live desktop.

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