A new start… again

 Oct 19th, 2011 

It’s been a while since my last post. I believe that this was the longest inactivity period of this blog. However, there is a good reason why there were no posts – I was in vacation and then I did a big change in my life. The vacation was great but this post is about […]

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First video of Windows 8

 Jun 2nd, 2011 

Today is a big day. Except the fact that we have a day off in Denmark because of some national holiday, Microsoft revealed the first video of the next generation of Windows. The video includes (quote from the press release): Fast launching of apps from a tile-based Start screen, which replaces the Windows Start menu […]

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Dynamic tests with mstest and T4

 Mar 5th, 2011 

If you used mstest and NUnit you might be aware of the fact that the former doesn’t support dynamic, data driven test cases. For example, the following scenario cannot be achieved with the out-of-box mstest: given a dataset, create distinct test cases for each entry in it, using a predefined generic test case. The best […]

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Where is Victor?

 Sep 18th, 2010 

Hello there, It’s been quite a while since my last post. A lot of things changed in my life since then; well, a little before that post. First of all, I moved to Denmark. Here, I’m doing an internship at Microsoft (Development Center Copenhagen). More specifically, I am a SDET working with the Dynamics AX […]

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They finally merge

 Jun 26th, 2010 

Online software is nice because it allows you to have your documents (of any form) available anywhere is Internet access. However, you end up being forced to use a lot of services and, the worst part, they never interact. For example: I was using Microsoft Live Mesh in order to synchronize and backup my files […]

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My Interview with Microsoft

 Mar 13th, 2010 

This post is for those who want to apply or have already applied (but not finished the interview) for a Microsoft Job. The recruitment process is quite similar for everyone and consists of a few steps. Application E-Mail Interview Phone Interview On Site Interview I will tell you my story and how I went through […]

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Office 2010 Web Apps

 Oct 17th, 2009 

Most of you know Google Docs (GD) – the web-based word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, and form application offered by Google. Probably in the attempt to remove GD’s supremacy and to promote their new Office 2010, Microsoft is preparing a free online version of Office called Office Web Apps. For the Technical Preview four application are available: […]

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Tip #5: Get 25GB Online Free Storage

 Oct 3rd, 2009 

Do you want 25 GB of free storage that can be accessed from anywhere you have Internet connection? Microsoft is offering 25 GB free online storage through SkyDrive. The drawback of this service is that you can only access files through a browser and if you want drag/drop facilities you must use Internet Explorer. Gladinet […]

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Windows 7 Enterprise FREE Trial

 Sep 3rd, 2009 

It’s been a while for my last post. I was busy moving to another country – will explain this in another post. Microsoft has announced the download availability of Windows 7 Enterprise for trial inside your environment. The Windows 7 Enterprise trial is designed specifically for IT Professionals, so that you can test your software […]

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Tip 2: #if

 Jul 23rd, 2009 

This is a C# tip When the C# compiler encounters an #if directive, followed eventually by an #endif directive, it will compile the code between the directives only if the specified symbol is defined. Unlike C and C++, you cannot assign a numeric value to a symbol; the #if statement in C# is Boolean and […]

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