The books I read in 2014

 Dec 26th, 2014 

2014 is almost over, which means it is the time for me to share the books I read this year. The plan was to read 1 book per month but I only managed to read 10 books. Here they are:

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Books 2012

 Feb 3rd, 2013 

Some time ago I read an article about Kindle owners reading more books than others. The author was explaining that owning a Kindle makes you read more. Owning a Kindle is definitely not the cause. I believe it is the other way around – reading more makes you buy a Kindle, therefore Kindle owners seem to read more. Anyway, the […]

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Guess who’s back?

 Sep 9th, 2012 

Yes, I am still alive :) I was too lazy to write any posts in the last months. Stay tuned for the next technical post on Wednesday (Sept. 9, 2012) morning. Until then, here’s a picture taken from the 73rd floor of the tallest building in Seattle:

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A new start… again

 Oct 19th, 2011 

It’s been a while since my last post. I believe that this was the longest inactivity period of this blog. However, there is a good reason why there were no posts – I was in vacation and then I did a big change in my life. The vacation was great but this post is about […]

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The PIN code: now you have it, now you don’t

 May 15th, 2011 

I have the feeling that I’m getting old :) Last week I went to the supermarket to buy groceries. I was in front of the cashier when I took my credit card out from the wallet, put it in the POS and typed the PIN code. Surprisingly, I got an “Invalid PIN code” message. At […]

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New clothes

 May 17th, 2010 

As you may have noticed, the blog got new clothes (a new theme). This new theme is completely written by myself (yeah, I wrote PHP :-) ) but I used some other sites and themes as sources of inspiration. First of all, I tried to create a theme that will present just the actions that […]

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Just ONE project

 Jun 12th, 2009 

For the first time in many years I have just one project that I must work on. My only assignement, excepting the bird detection software from work (just ignore it :D ), is the bachelor thesis. I have two more weeks to finish the project and the documentation. Until now I always had two, three […]

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