SkypeGadget 1.4 for Skype 4!

 Mar 7th, 2009 

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A new version of SkypeGadget is available. It brings support for Skype 4.

It can be downloaded from the project’s page:

Later edit: It was accepted also on Microsoft’s Live Gallery and can be downloaded from there too:

SkypeGadget 2 A1 is available

 Oct 5th, 2008 

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The first public release of the new Skype Gadget is available for download.

It is an incomplete version but I need feedback in order to make is better. Try it and send me your oppinion.

Skype Gadget

 Jun 4th, 2008 

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Skype Gadget is a Windows Vista Sidebar gadget developed by me. It comes to help Skype users who don’t want to go to this application every time they need to call/chat to someone.

It integrates with the Sidebar, displays all your contacts and gives you options for call and chat.

Uses Skype4COM, a component offered by Skype, in order to communicate with the program so it might need administrative rights on the first run because of DLL registration.

The features of version 1.2:

  • Contact list
  • Small list and big list (8 or 16 contacts displayed at once)
  • Start/end a call/chat with a contact
  • Displays contact status (Available, SkypeMe, Away etc.)
  • Call phone feature

System requirements:

  • Windows Vista
  • Skype
  • Internet access
  • Administrative rights on first run

For more details check the gadget’s page.