Goodbye, SkypeGadget

 Nov 3rd, 2012 

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Five years after releasing the first version of SkypeGadget, I decided to stop supporting and developing SkypeGadget. I believe that I discontinued it about a year ago when I provided the latest update but today it is official. Starting today, Nov 3rd 2012, I will no longer offer support for SkypeGadget.

There are a few reasons behind this decision: (1) Windows 8 is out and it does not have support for gadgets. (2) Skype4COM, the library that allowed SkypeGadget to talk to Skype, is no longer supported and from what I’ve heard, it does not work with the latest version of Skype. (3) Gadgets are an old technology; the new era of live tiles is here.

Before I end, I give you the SkypeGadget memorabilia:

  • SkypeGadget’s first name was SkypeConversation.
  • It started as a contest entry. The first prize was an HTC Touch. SkypeGadget got on 6th.
  • October 27, 2007 is the date of the oldest SkypeConversation version that I have (see the screenshot). I started developing it 1-2 weeks before that date.
  • In July 2009, it reached 100.000 downloads on Gallery Live.
  • Last time I checked the Gallery Live website, before Microsoft discontinued it, there were more than 300.000 downloads.
  • On top of the numbers above, there are about 40.000 downloads from this website. I think the total number of downloads, from all places, is close to 350.000.
  • The SkypeGadget page on this website has 95.000 views.
  • SkypeGadget has less than 500 lines of code, including CSS and HTML.
  • Believe it or not, people donated REAL money. Four people donated a total of $13 (2x$5, 1x$2, 1x$1).
  • SkypeGadget was and will remain free and open-source.
  • SkypeGadget was the first ever gadget that allowed interaction with Skype. There were at least 3 other gadgets that copied my code.
  • There are people who use outdated versions of Skype just to run SkypeGadget (Thanks guys!).

You can still download SkypeGadget, I’ll keep the page up and running.

Bug in SkypeGadget

 Jan 22nd, 2011 

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There is a bug in the Skype client that affects SkypeGadget. See status and workaround here.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

100000+ Downloads

 Jul 19th, 2009 

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SkypeGadgetDwlI am proud to announce that SkypeGadget was downloaded more than 100.000 from

There is a problem with the posted date but I remember that I uploaded it on at the beginning of 2008 (or late 2007). So, I think that it was downloaded 100K times in ~19 months.

SkypeGadget is a Windows Vista Sidebar gadget that allows you to control Skype. If you want to download SkypeGadget and/or get more info about it, visit the project page at:

SkypeGadget 1.4 for Skype 4!

 Mar 7th, 2009 

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A new version of SkypeGadget is available. It brings support for Skype 4.

It can be downloaded from the project’s page:

Later edit: It was accepted also on Microsoft’s Live Gallery and can be downloaded from there too:

SkypeGadget 2 A1 is available

 Oct 5th, 2008 

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The first public release of the new Skype Gadget is available for download.

It is an incomplete version but I need feedback in order to make is better. Try it and send me your oppinion.

Blog news – SkypeGadget 2

 Sep 29th, 2008 


I had a busy month and I couldn’t write much on the blog.

However I worked on SkypeGadget 2 and I want to announce that it will be released in October (I don’t know yet the release date). Will include many new features like:

  • history and conference support
  • a new interface
  • new options for displaying and sorting the contact list
  • more to come…

If you want to test it before release just send me an e-mail on contact [at]

First Donation

 Aug 20th, 2008 


Today I received the first donation for my Skype Gadget :D

It is not a large sum but I am impressed.

Skype Gadget

 Jun 4th, 2008 

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Skype Gadget is a Windows Vista Sidebar gadget developed by me. It comes to help Skype users who don’t want to go to this application every time they need to call/chat to someone.

It integrates with the Sidebar, displays all your contacts and gives you options for call and chat.

Uses Skype4COM, a component offered by Skype, in order to communicate with the program so it might need administrative rights on the first run because of DLL registration.

The features of version 1.2:

  • Contact list
  • Small list and big list (8 or 16 contacts displayed at once)
  • Start/end a call/chat with a contact
  • Displays contact status (Available, SkypeMe, Away etc.)
  • Call phone feature

System requirements:

  • Windows Vista
  • Skype
  • Internet access
  • Administrative rights on first run

For more details check the gadget’s page.