OneNote Anywhere

 Nov 8th, 2010 

I like OneNote. I use it to store different code snippets and links to tech pages with useful information. It is not the ideal tool for doing this – IMO there is no tool, yet, that can replace a physical notebook – but I got used to it. Especially I enjoy the search feature because […]

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Tip #3: Shared OneNote notebooks with Live Mesh

 Aug 4th, 2009 

OneNote allows users to create shared notebooks by using a shared folder or a SharePoint repository. When two persons who want to share a notebook are in different countries then a shared folder is not a too feasible solution. A SharePoint repository can be created for free on Office Small Business but you have only […]

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Software + Services. A Modern Approach. Part 2

 May 18th, 2009 

Part 2 – The idea < Part 1 (Intro) Contents: A little more Live Mesh (CTP) The Actors The Modern Approach 1. A little more Live Mesh (CTP) Today, online and offline tend to be two different approaches for building software. Most software companies offer either online or offline versions of their software. If they […]

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Software + Services. A Modern Approach. Part 1

 Apr 20th, 2009 

Part 1 – Intro Part 2 (The Idea) > Contents: What is Software + Services Azure Services Platform Live Mesh 1. What is Software + Services Over the past decade, the world we live in has been transformed by the Web. More and more people gain Internet access, services become more accessible¬† and the experience […]

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