First video of Windows 8

 Jun 2nd, 2011 

Today is a big day. Except the fact that we have a day off in Denmark because of some national holiday, Microsoft revealed the first video of the next generation of Windows. The video includes (quote from the press release): Fast launching of apps from a tile-based Start screen, which replaces the Windows Start menu […]

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What is Windows Azure?

 Jul 15th, 2009 

Just found a nice video describing what Windows Azure is. I already explained what Azure is a previous post, Windows Azure Application Architecture, but I find this video funny and interesting. PS: Sorry but this post is not XHTML valid :( I haven’t managed to embed the object in a proper way. Does anyone have […]

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Learn About Azure Services Platform

 Feb 12th, 2009 

Microsoft provides two ways of learning about Azure Services: 1. Azure Services Traning Kit The Azure Services Training Kit which includes a comprehensive set of technical content including hands-on labs, presentations, and demos that are designed to help you learn how to use the Azure Services Platform. The February release includes the following updates: 19 […]

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Microsoft “How Do I?”

 Apr 15th, 2008 

Surfing on Microsoft’s website a few days ago, I’ve found a link called “Got 15 minutes? Learn a new task” (yeah, I have 15 minutes :-) ). Followed the link and discovered “How Do I?”. “How Do I?” is a section of MSDN on which video tutorials are posted. These tutorials are for programmers and […]

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