Vista Experience Index Fail

 Nov 12th, 2008 

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The left image is from the virtual machine and the one on the right from the laptop that runs the virtual machine.

As you can see the HDD from the virtual machine is faster than the one on which the VM is running. How is this possible? :-|

No more Y! Messenger for Vista

 Oct 28th, 2008 


A few days ago Yahoo! posted a message announcing that Messenger for Windows Vista will no longer be available.

For those of you who don’t know this version a screenshot of it inside this post. It was a fancy looking application developed with WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation). It had a lot of transparencies, animations and colors but, in my opinion, was too slow (can’t say if this was because of WPF or because of the programming team).

Yahoo! said that the decision of renouncing to the Vista dedicated version will help them focus on the existing versions and improve them (I’m quite skeptic about this). It is known that Yahoo! Messenger is one of the worst applications if judged from performances point of view. Even the current version 9 is slow and it takes ~30 seconds to start.

On the first run, the Beta version of Yahoo! Messenger for Vista made everyone do “WOW!” but on a closer analysis its lack of features became annoying. There was no archive, no environments, no audibles and a lot of well-known features from the classic version. I think that this version was released to early and this lead to its extinction.

I’ve read on the Messenger official blog that some people are requesting the source code of the obsolete version :) It would be interesting to see the code because then we could say if the application was slow because of Yahoo! programmers or WPF.

The official “Yahoo! Messenger for Vista version is no longer available” announcement can be read here.