What is Windows Azure?

 Jul 15th, 2009 

Just found a nice video describing what Windows Azure is. I already explained what Azure is a previous post, Windows Azure Application Architecture, but I find this video funny and interesting. PS: Sorry but this post is not XHTML valid :( I haven’t managed to embed the object in a proper way. Does anyone have […]

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Azure Pricing Revealed

 Jul 14th, 2009 

Today, at PDC, Microsoft announced the pricing for Windows Azure, SQL Services and .NET Services. The business model is the one described in the table below: Windows Azure SQL Azure .NET Services Compute: $0.12/hour Web Edition (up to 1 GB relational database): $9.99 Messages @ $0.15/100K message operations , including Service Bus messages and Access […]

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GeekMeet Brasov #1 – Cloud Computing

 Mar 29th, 2009 

DISCLAIMER: This post contains Romanian words – sorry for those who do not understand them. Yesterday I attended the first GeekMeet presentation from Brasov, Romania. It was pretty exciting because I was one of the speakers. My general impression about this event was good. The organizers did their job well, with little mistakes – mistakes […]

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New Windows Azure Features (March 2009)

 Mar 19th, 2009 

Now that Mix09 is talking place we have a lot of nice announcements from Microsoft. I want to focus this post on the new Azure features, SDK and Visual Studio Tools that have been released a few hours ago. For those who don’t know, Windows Azure is the Microsoft’s cloud operating system. It is an […]

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