The “Mojave Experiment”

 Aug 9th, 2008 


Some people heard that Windows Vista is bad, is not good, is resource consuming, etc and they don’t even want to try it.

Microsoft made an experiment: they asked people to write their opinion about Windows Vista, then asked them the opinion about “the new Windows” named Mojave (actually it was Vista with another name) and all of them were impressed ;)

Look what happened when they were told that Mojave is actually Windows Vista:

Back to Vista

 Aug 9th, 2008 

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After 1 week of Windows Xp I decided to get back to Vista. Windows Xp is a bit faster but is misses some important features :(

Also I have found out that using the hibernate option, Windows Vista starts in ~ 20 seconds and all the applications are up and running – the huge startup time was because of some applications that automatically start with Windows.

One tweak for improving overall speed of Windows Vista is to disable the Desktop Manager and Themes services. You loose that eye-candy interface but Windows is faster.

So, the idea of this post is that now I am using Vista and, probably, I won’t change it anymore with another OS.

Why get back to Windows Xp?

 Jul 29th, 2008 

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After more than one and a half year of using Windows Vista Business I have decided to get back to Windows Xp.

Even though Windows Vista has some extremely cool features like the search box in the start menu, more intuitive and easy to use interface, sidebar, better firewall, hardware accelerated GUI, etc. it is quite slow. My laptop is not the ultimate power station but is not bad: Intel Core 2 Duo at 2 GHz, 2 GB RAM 667, 160GB HDD 5400 RPM and the video card is a GeForce 8400G Mobile and the producer recommended Vista for it – had this OS preinstalled.

I’ve decided that I want performance instead of an eye-candy interface. One of the main reasons that made me want this was the startup/shutdown time. Why is taking more that one and a half minute to shutdown Windows and almost 3 minutes to start it? Even after startup the desktop was freezing for 10-15 seconds until the wireless network connection was established and the Sidebar was loaded.

The HDD was constantly reading/writing even though I’ve stopped the indexing service, defrag, search and any other application that could do this. Now, on Xp, this problem disappeared.

I am still thinking that the HDD must be the slow part of my system because I am having another desktop computer that is having almost the same configuration – the only difference is the CPU that is AMD and the HDD is running at 7200RPM – and is having no problems running Vista.

Sad to say but no Vista for my laptop even though is such a great operating system :(

Skype Gadget

 Jun 4th, 2008 

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Skype Gadget is a Windows Vista Sidebar gadget developed by me. It comes to help Skype users who don’t want to go to this application every time they need to call/chat to someone.

It integrates with the Sidebar, displays all your contacts and gives you options for call and chat.

Uses Skype4COM, a component offered by Skype, in order to communicate with the program so it might need administrative rights on the first run because of DLL registration.

The features of version 1.2:

  • Contact list
  • Small list and big list (8 or 16 contacts displayed at once)
  • Start/end a call/chat with a contact
  • Displays contact status (Available, SkypeMe, Away etc.)
  • Call phone feature

System requirements:

  • Windows Vista
  • Skype
  • Internet access
  • Administrative rights on first run

For more details check the gadget’s page.