Tool: f.lux

 Apr 29th, 2011 

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Like many of you, I spend a lot of hours per day in front of the computer’ screen. Especially in the night, you might have noticed that the screen is really bright and you have problems looking at it. I had the same problem until I discovered f.lux (yes, the dot is part of the name). I’ve been using in the last 9-10 months and I really feel an improvement, is much easier to look at the screen during the night.

Basically, f.lux is a free, lightweight application that adjust the temperature the colors on the display in order to match the natural lighting conditions. While the sun is up on the sky, the screen displays normal colors. During sunset, a slow transition to night colors is made. After this, the colors are colder and, for example, white becomes brownish. It might sound strange but it really helps.

f.lux can br download it from the official website and it is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. On the same page, is a research on sleep and more details about how f.lux helps.

  • Cata

    I use it too and it really helps. My eyes are way more relaxed at night and you’ll also sleep better. :D